Zipper Enables City to Complete Several Large Patches Per Day

John Boren, Superintendent of Roads in West Jordan, Utah, explains how the Zipper has helped his crews to complete patching projects in an efficient and most economical way.

In his 29 years of service to the city, he has seen great improvement within the last 5 especially, since putting as Asphalt Zipper to use.

A typical project for Boren’s crew would be to repair a 200 ft long by 16 ft wide patch of road. This is what the process looked like before the Zipper, over a 3-day period:

Day 1: Sawcut & Prep

Day 2: Dig Out & Haul To Landfill

Day 3: Fill and Finalize Repair

Now, with their new asphalt repair equipment, the team can complete 3 of these cycles in just one day and is able to complete the cutting process in just 15 minutes.

Time is money when it comes to getting a job done. “We can come in, do a full-depth, take it out, pave it for probably less than a quarter of the cost of a full rebuild” – Boren.

Moreover, the Zipper has allowed the crews to reuse materials and further cut down on costs. Rather than hauling all materials to a landfill, Boren stockpiles and reuses materials. “We don’t haul anything to the landfill…We use it [materials] for trails, parking lots..all of your shoulder work now.”

“Save the dumps!” – Boren.


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