City in Washington Repairs Potholes, Road Base, and Roads With The Zipper


Pothole repair can oftentimes be a lengthy, costly, and tedious process. Charlie Tewalt of Mt. Vernon, WA accounts for some of his experiences with the Asphalt Zipper in creating a swifter, more efficient, and economical approach.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Charlie Tewalt has worked with more than one pothole repair machine in his career. He’s seen success with larger machines and at first, was skeptical as to whether the smaller Zipper could produce the same kinds of results.

After having worked with the Zipper, he exclaims that there is no difference in performance standards between the two. “This machine [The Zipper] will do everything that I’ve seen the bigger machines do” (Tewalt).

He points out that with the Zipper, A half mile of road can be repaired in under 5 hours. Tewalt calls it an “easy operation.”

Reuse, Recycle

Harsher weather during the winter months can often create the perfect environment for worsening potholes, as Tewalt recalls. With the help of the Zipper, his team could stabilize roads using cement. He claims that this lasts longer than other methods because reinforcement is being put into place, rather than just resurfacing.

Another impressive feature of the Asphalt Zipper is that it provides operators with the ability to reuse materials. Tewalt’s team has used a road’s already existing asphalt to stabilize the base.

“If you’re not recycling and reusing your material, you’re just wasting taxpayers money,” says Tawalt. He claims it’s a “no brainer to use this type of machine.”


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