How the Asphalt Zipper Saves Utility Contractors So Much Time and Money

Most utility projects and roadways require costly and time consuming asphalt removal prior to excavation of the trench.

This traditionally involves saw-cutting both sides of the trench or, in some areas, using a jackhammer and then chucking the asphalt out with an excavator or backhoe. The chunked asphalt is then loaded into trucks to be hauled away for either disposal or recycling.

The Traditional method:

Opening a 300 ft trench can easily take 8 hours or longer and is very costly when you consider all of the steps that go into traditional utility trenching.

  • saw-cutting
  • chunking
  • loading
  • hauling & disposal
  • back-fill
  • traffic control expenses.

The New Method:

Asphalt Zipper’s grinding attachments both cut and pulverize the asphalt into reusable material. The ‘zipped’ trench can then be immediately excavated or driven over.

Special feature: The Zipper has a straight, scarified interlocking edge that studies have proven provides a stronger bond with new asphalt compared to a smooth, saw-cut edge.

Asphalt Zipper is also ideal for making T cuts and insetting trench plates when necessary.

The Best Part:

Always an important factor is the cost and time that the Asphalt Zipper can save.

The same 300 ft trench that would have taken 8 hours or longer by use of the traditional method can now be zipped in as little as 30 minutes with cost savings that are just as impressive.

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