Time and Money-Saving Accessories for your Zipper

The Asphalt Zipper has been saving its operators time and money but is it now possible for even more time and money to be saved with the application of its accessories? From water systems for every machine to hand-held remotes, these accessories make your work with the Zipper faster and easier than ever. Afterall, time is money, right? And we don’t want any to go to waste.

Here are some of the accessories of the Asphalt Zipper and the features that make it work for you even better:

The Side Shift/Tilt Attachment:

  • Uses the Quick Connect System
  • The ‘Tilt’ feature rotates 90 degrees in each direction
  • The ‘Shift’ feature moves the machine 36 inches to the side

Grind Box:

  • Attaches and removes in just minutes with only 3 pins
  • Contains and regrinds thin material like chip seal and alligatored asphalt
  • Produces super-fine material that compacts tightly

Asphalt Zipper Water Systems:

  • Choose from 150 or 300 gallon systems for loaders
  • 150 gallon backhoe systems are available for back buckets
  • Front machine mounts designed to conveniently swivel for bit hatch access

Hand Held Remotes:

  • Can be installed on any Asphalt Zipper machine
  • Allows groundsman to operate machine at a safe distance of 30 feet

Wheel Assist Models:

  • Backhoes can now operate larger machines on wheels
  • Wheels are steerable by groundsman for perfect control

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