Why Contractors Love Their Asphalt Zippers

Why do contractors love their Asphalt Zippers? Here are just a few of its features:

  • Easy to transport behind a pickup truck
  • Easily connects to your backhoe or loader
  • Full depth reclamation pulverizes existing asphalt
  • Allows for materials to be reused
  • Digs utility trenches- covers ground up to 1000 linear ft per hour

“If you have a big utility job, you can’t beat it…It’s just one whole facet of the project we don’t have to worry about. In other words, we just ‘zip it.” – Woody Mather, Mather Corporation- Bloomfield, CT

The “zip-it” method has now been implemented in place of older, more traditional methods of asphalt grinding and has allowed crews to get the work done independently, without having to outsource for extra hands:

The Old Ways:                                     The New Way:




Haul                        vs                          Zip-It!




“You just can’t get asphalt people to come out or milling people to come out because everybody’s busy and this way, we’re not having to rely on them and we can get our job done and move on.” – Elaine Jones Carter, Petticoat Contracting- Jacksonville, FL

Daniel Dambach, from Vista Irrigation District, CA, recalls the 2.5-3 hours it would take in the past to sawcut about 1000ft of trench line. Now, with the Zipper, the same job can be completed in 8 minutes.

“I’ll be honest..guys couldn’t even finish their coffee by the time they had to grab a shovel and get going again.” – Dambach


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