ROAD REPAIR- Most Cost Effective Road Repair Using the Asphalt Ziipper

Asphalt Zipper owners have seen a lot of new equipment pieces phase in and out throughout their careers but the Zipper is the one left standing. These owners give their personal testimony to what the pothole repair machine has done for them and for their communities.


“Before the Zipper, I’d have to have a lot more money to do what we’re doing now and what we’re reclaiming and reusing. We build little rural roads… In this precinct, where we would be spending $50,000 to repave or chip seal some roads, would be $150,000. We wouldn’t be able to do it.”  -Edgar Laney, County Commissioner of Plano, TX,

“Being able to do a lot of these streets ‘in-house’ and being able to afford to do them with the machinery we have here in house is going to allow us to do more streets that would never have been able to be done.” – Mario Marroquin, San Benito, TX

“This is one of those products that allows you to reduce your overhead in a significant way and in a way that you can pretty much feel immediately and that’s because you don’t have to use the same amount of materials to get the same amount of work done.” – Crandall Jones, County Manager, Jackson County, GA

“Why not buy this piece of equipment, become more productive, eliminate costs forever?” – Mark Eddington, Pompano Beach, FL

“Our whole job is to provide a service to the citizens and taxpayers and be able to tell them that we can do the job for the same cost and do more.” – Richie Beyer, County Engineer, Elmore County, AL

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