Asphalt Zipper and the NOVA Award

asphalt zipper nova awardThe NOVA Award recognizes significant innovations that have had positive effects on construction to improve value and reduce costs. Those in the construction world refer to this prestigious award as their Nobel Prize.

Construction Innovation Forum, also known as CIF, gives out the award. CIF was formed in 1987 as an international, non-profit organization to recognize and encourage inventions that improve quality and reduce construction costs. A jury that’s appointed by the CIF judges each nomination, and the award is given to the innovations, not the people or organizations, but all those involved with the invention are a part of the award. They have had over 600 nominations from more than 20 countries and have presented more than 80 awards involving 12 countries since the NOVA Award was instituted in 1989.

Asphalt Zipper received this distinguished honor in 2005 for the Asphalt Zipper and its reclamation-recycling attachments. Their attachments include asphalt grinders, cutters and mills. These attachments have the capability of harnessing the power and production of bigger machines into a portable and more economical add-on.

The Asphalt Zipper is a faster, easier and cheaper way to remove asphalt for road patching, utility trenching and full street replacement. It uses full depth reclamation, which keeps road patches and streets lasting years longer than when fixed by old technology. The advanced Asphalt Zipper saves up to 70 percent of asphalt removal costs and takes a job that normally requires 2-3 days to complete only 4-5 hours. Numerous paving and underground utility contractors, as well as town, city, county and state DOT’s, use this machine.

Because the Asphalt Zipper and its attachments are so innovative and save time and reduce costs, the CIF chose it as a recipient of the NOVA Award.


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